Livia Firth Named UN Leader Of Change
VOGUE.CO.UK contributor Livia Firth has been honoured by the United Nations as a Leader of Change for 2012. The award presentation, made earlier today at the United Nations and Foundation for Social Change conference, honoured Livia’s efforts to promote and develop a more sustainable fashion industry.

“I was in London in my office in the summer when I received an email from Louise Guido, the president of the Foundation for Social Change, saying I had been chosen as a UN Leader of Change 2012. I fell off the chair and screamed” Firth told us. “It feels amazing and such a great incentive for all of us at Eco Age and the Green Carpet Challenge to keep doing what we do. With this honour now I can be even pushier with everyone I try to involve!”

Wife of Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth, Livia co-founded ethical-design store Eco Age and has since become an ambassador for sustainable fashion worldwide through initiatives such as the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) – a project that has seen the likes of Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt wear eco-friendly gowns on the red carpet.

“I will continue my efforts with the GCC but the role also allows me to be involved with a number of high-level roundtables around the world,” said Firth. “It gives me a voice to discuss the real issues ethical fashion represents and on a much larger scale.”

Working with the British Fashion Council’s Estethica programme, Firth’s efforts have helped to accelerate what was a lacklustre area of the industry into a profitable and desirable market. Championing niche eco designers like Beautiful Soul and Henrietta Ludgate – while convincing the likes of Chanel and Gucci to try going green just for her -she has shown that established fashion businesses can change their ways as easily as new start-ups can take off.

“There are lots of exciting things ahead of us which I can’t reveal yet – but this UN award also launches the beginning of a new GCC initiative,” Firth added. “All to be revealed soon!”

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