Supermodels Discovered – out January 2025, published by Laurence King / Hachette

By Caroline Leaper. Featuring original interviews with Claudia Schiffer, Pat Cleveland, Amber Valletta, Halima Aden, Stephanie Seymour and more.

The question that every supermodel gets asked repeatedly is ‘how were you discovered?’ Fans love to hear how, where and why their icons were plucked from reality and thrown into the hyper-glamorous world of high fashion. Many of the most famous women in the industry have fairytale-like origin stories. Several faced challenging upbringings, coming from obscurity or poverty before being scouted by chance in a supermarket or airport. Some became celebrities overnight, others fought their way up, often from a very young age.

Hundreds of good models are discovered annually but very few manage to capture public attention and keep it. Many of the supermodels featured in this book upturned industry norms and beauty ideals, and faced tremendous rejection before finding success.

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